About us

Our vision

We imagine the world of no boundaries and cubicles where skilled talents worldwide can perform their best and fulfil their employer’s mission and tasks remotely. 

We believe that quality work comes from motivated and content people, that can create a suitable work environment on their terms while achieving the company’s goals.

We see reliable employees working from home, their favourite coworking centre, beach bar or a blanket in the middle of woods.

Gone are the days when the perception of „home office” meant just hiding from responsibilities and not working much.

Shifting the paradigm

We understand that bakers will still have to be present in a bakery (until robots and AI will fully take over), but future is in enabling more and more people leveraging their skills and talents by working remotely from a location of their choice.

The future lies in embracing individual needs for peak performance, responsible approach to gained freedom, and mutual trust.

This is our definition of the modern workforce.

Our mission

We are on a mission to build and serve a thriving community of competent people and forward-thinking companies that see the advantages of remote jobs.

We connect individuals ready to perform their best no matter where they choose to work from and businesses that understand and support the global workforce shift and the inevitable future of rising location independent jobs.

We strive to provide our community with an easy way to search through thousands of remote opportunities worldwide and find the right fit for their specific skills and needs.

Who we are

beenomad is a division of IIT Group Ltd., our IT services company.

Our team consists of people from all over the world having a fulfilling, stable and location independent job that allows them to contribute to their social structures and helps prevent the economical migration, as well as bring money back to local economies. 

We stand for changing the society and current structures by enabling our teams to work remotely while providing top range services. 

IIT Group Ltd.

71 - 75 Shelton street
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United Kingdom

Company registration: 11561839
VAT registration: 305 4961 09