We will work hard to help you to find right person regardless of location

Find the right person

Hiring process

We work together with our customer to identify the right skill set required for the job. We engage with the community and find the right candidate. We can take care of all paperwork as well as processes involved in streamlining the work delivery.

Location independence

Our services include process management and control to allow us to ensure best work results at any level and any location. Having the ability to service our clients truly globally improves their efficiency and productivity.

Service cost

The cost of the services doesn't change because of customer location, we work transparently towards our customers and we can gurantee the productivity and quality of services globally, with straight forward cost structure.

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Freedom & flexibility

Most important part of any team are the people, we are helping our customers to build best teams. By giving people the freedom to work at their time in virtual teams our customers get the best productivity and best results. Best teams in sports have best players and in business it is exactly the same. Best people provide best services.

We will help you to analyze and improve your productivity

We have our own tools that monitor and manage the performance of remote working teams to ensure that every task is done to the best possible standard in strictly defined timeframe

$ 488
Nomad community
Candidate sourcing
Simple package for all your basic needs to get remote workforce
$ 888
All DIY services
Application management
Hiring process management
Social media campaigns
Our staff support
Ideal package for hiring international location independent talent

The services

Having devised our services to be location independent allowed us to become truly global. Having the ability to provide the services at any time zone is giving us an edge as we don't have to wait and can provide our workforce to our customers. We make sure that all performance markers are at least achieved. Using our own performance monitoring systems we make sure that the team we supply is the best on the market.

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Nomad Services

Nomad comunity

You will gain access to all the remote workers community

Candidate sourcing

We will find the right candidates that will patch your job description


Our team will do screening of all candidates before sending them to you

Application management

Easy to follow application and candidate management.

Hiring process

We will manage your process from A to Z

Social media

We create social media campaign to attract right candidates

Support staff

Dedicated staff to support your needs during the hiring process

Agency service

We provide full umbrella services for your employment needs

Performance monitoring

Our own performance monitoring to manage remote workers

Staff management

Managing staff in the virtual teams to deliver tasks assigned

Branded systems

All campaigns run with your brand and deliver in line with your branding manual

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Social media

In current state of the society nothing is more important in finding the right candidates then having proper social media presence and wow factor. Our teams work with our clients to create perfect campaigns to attract the creme de la creme for respective jobs.  We make sure that we position the role and the company so we improve on relevance of the candidates and their expertise.


Enabling people to work remotely while providing top range services we are bringing change to established societies. Our people are from all over the world and having good job allows them to contribute to their own social structures and helps prevent the economical migration, as well as bring the money to local economies.